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April 1, 2011

Trammells offer new, efficient home rentals

— With more people opting to rent rather than to buy houses, there is a lot of competition in the home rental market. As a result, some property owners are raising their standards.

Johnny Trammell, and his brother, Mark Trammell, own and manage Trammell Construction. Since December 15, Trammell Construction has erected six new brick homes on Alli Circle in Chickasha. Each of the houses are three-bedroom, two-bath, and 1,550 squared feet.

Johnny Trammell has been in the home rental business since the 70s. He said that it has been a lifelong learning experience and that he has continually looked for ways to make his properties more efficient.

Trammell Construction is part of the Energy Star New Homes program. Trammell said that the Energy Star standards are higher than those of the typical rent house. For example, according to American Electric Power (AEP), the property must have a home energy rating (HERS) index of 85 at the minimum. The lower the HERS index rating, the more efficient the property. The Trammell Construction houses on Alli Circle all have an HERS index of 56.

Trammell said that the average utility bill for his houses should be less than $100 per month. Part of Energy Star standards include, he said, high efficiency heating and cooling equipment, high performance windows, well-sealed heating ducts, and effective insulation.

Houses are inspected by a third party before an Energy Star rating is awarded, according to AEP.

In addition to efficiency, Trammell has paid close attention to aesthetics.

All of the houses have about the same floor plan but with variations to make each home unique. The porches and patios are stamped and dyed. This means, Trammell explained, that the dye is mixed in with the concrete and the concrete is stamped to look like stone.

Trammell builds the kitchen cabinets in his garage before mounting them. The cabinets feature detailed trim all around. The kitchen, dining area, and living room are all open to maximize space. The kitchen, dining room, and hallway are tiled for durability. The living room area and bedrooms are carpeted in a neutral grayish brown. The bedrooms have floating shelves painted a slightly deeper hue than the walls around them. In the living room, There is a recession in the wall for the entertainment system. The recession has a stained wood column on each side. All of the doors in the house are solid-core, rather than hollow-core, which make the houses quieter. In the bathrooms, there is a stand-in shower and a bathtub. There are also two walk-in closets in the master bathrooms.

Alli Circle is close to the H.E. Bailey Turnpike. Trammell proposed that his properties would be ideal for a family in which one spouse worked in OKC and the other worked in Lawton.

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