June 6, 2013

Deputies arrest Pocasset man for indecent exposure

The Express-Star

POCASSET — The Grady County Sheriff's department responded to a call claiming a man was exposing himself and masturbating May 31, in Pocasset on Highway 81.

According to a report from the sheriff's office, Deputy Phillip  McCarthey approached the scene and made contact with two witnesses who stated they observed suspect Larry Jones standing on his front porch and in his front yard exposing himself and masturbating. They also said he appeared to be intoxicated.

McCarthey, with the assistance of deputy Josh Dwaileebe, tried to reach Jones at his residence, but found no one was home. One of the witnesses then informed officers that she believed Jones was hiding in a bush only two houses south of his residence.

McCarthey and Dwaileebe saw the silhouette of Jones within the bush and attempted to make contact with him. Jones began to flee and the officers pursued him. After a brief struggle, they placed him under arrest.

McCarthey said he noticed Jones had red watery eyes and that his breath smelled like alcohol.

Before placing Jones in the patrol car, McCarthey tried to search him. When Jones twisted and tried to escape McCarthey’s custody he fell onto the patrol car and bloodied his nose. At that time, McCarthey regained full control and placed him in the patrol car, according to the release.

McCarthey stated Jones made several threats to both himself and Dwaileebe during their interaction. He also said while transporting Jones to the Grady County Detention Center he attempted to spit blood at him through the mesh screen on the inside of the patrol car. After the second attempt, Dwaileebe and McCarthey placed Jones on his stomach to prevent further spitting and then continued the transportation.

Jones was charged with indecent exposure, public intoxication, resisting arrest, attempting to elude a police officer, attempting to escape lawful custody and assault on a police officer by bodily fluids.