August 16, 2010

Letter To The Editor

Week of August 15th

The Express-Star

— To the Editor,

Barrack Hussein Obama is a disgrace. I started to say he is an "idiot," but he's not an idiot because he is doing exactly what he set out to do, destroy the United States as we know it.

He said he would bring change, well guess what? The kind of change he is engineering is not what the people thought it would be. This is a man who never had a real job (a few days as senator doesn't count), never owned a business, never made a payroll, never had to match Social Security and Medicare taxes, never had to pay quarterly tax to the IRS nor to the state in which that business operates and he has the audacity to think he has what it takes to run the United States of America. He can't put two sentences together without  a teleprompter.

This is also the man who refuses to produce a proper birth certificate saying he doesn't have to. Well, all the rest of us have to. Every time we get a driver's license, a passport, a Social Security card, etc. It is proof of who we are and where we were actually born. What makes him think he shouldn't have to go through the same things all of us have to.

Also in that disgrace box is Congress (with a few exceptions). It's hard to believe that people who are supposed to be the guardians of our freedoms are participating in the destruction of our country. I truly believe that both houses are fat, dumb and happy. They make tremendous salaries, get outstanding health benefits, don't have to work all year like the rest of us and when they retire they get a retirement package that will stagger the mind. What's your retirement package like?

The man in the White House and Congress have set this country on a course from which it may not recover. If businessmen and women ran their businesses like the government does, they would go bankrupt and everyone would think "what horrible managers." Well, the President and Congress are horrible managers.

There are at least two or three generations of people who think they are owed a living without having to work, when they are able to work. The Bible has it correct, no work, no eat. It used to be embarrassing to have to be on government assistance and people were willing to do whatever they had to to take care of themselves and their families, and now we think the government should take care of us - what a change.

And don't let me hear that Medicare is a "gimmee." We pay for that privilege. Each time we get a paycheck, taxes are deducted to pay for Social Security and Medicare and we pay monthly premiums. It's not our fault that the government has squandered that money. Social Security was supposed to have been in a Trust so that the money we have paid in would be there when it was time for us to retire and start collecting. However, Congress voted in 1968, under (President) Johnson, to put the Social Security money in the General Treasury, so, they have a problem with how to pay what was promised and want to penalize the citizens who are retirement age. What a joke. (Check it out on the internet-very interesting).

Did you know the government has no "product" as a means of making money? The only money they have is ours. And they spend it like water. They take no responsibility for the consequences of their actions - just raise taxes - that's their solution to overspending. Again with few exceptions, no one in Congress should be there the next round. We are fast becoming the laughing stock of the entire world for our behavior. People used to really look up to this country, but not so much anymore. That old saying, "Walk softly and carry a big stick" used to be our motto. What about now?

Some friends went to Israel recently. They saw billboards of Obama's back - translation was that the U. S. had turned its back on them. God will punish us, mark it down. Please tell your Congressman and/or women we cannot turn our backs on Israel. The Jews are God's chosen people. Check your Bible.

The Constitution of the United States does not need to be changed or improved upon. Our founding fathers knew exactly what was needed and put it on paper. They were so grateful to God for the opportunities this country could afford and we are throwing all that back in their faces. We have a president that talks and talks and talks but really does not have a single value that this country was founded upon. How in the world could the American people (have) been so gullible to believe and elect someone so shallow.

Actually, the people did not elect him - the Electoral College did. That system should be abolished. The people should elect. Congress should have term limits - no more than two terms. Career politicians are a stink in the nostrils of the people.

The Constitution was not created to restrain the people, it was created to restrain government.

When are our Representatives and Senators going to have the guts to say "No" to irresponsibility, actually read the bills they pass, quit slipping "pork" into good bills, quit taking bribes, quit bribing other people and start behaving like people the citizenry can be proud of.

I am proud to be an American. Many people from other countries would love to be here. Why are we and our legislators being so stupid? Shame on us.

Taxation without representation - remember that one. We are not being represented very well.

Jeanie Singleton


• • •

Dear Editor:

When I read Kim Powell's lengthy tirade in your paper, I felt compelled to reply.

I'm a conservative Christian businessman who has attended several tea party functions and have found them to be quite informative.

Kim, you mentioned God and your Christian beliefs and you said there is nothing Christian about hating others. You made that statement after calling anyone who disagrees with you an extreme, right wing, uneducated, undereducated, hate-mongering, bigoted wacko! Excuse me! Where is the love in that?

I agree with you that Bush made some serious mistakes as President, but your description of his eight years shows you are a master of the fine art of hyperbole. If you are tired of media which leans to the right, stop watching Fox News. They are the only ones leaning right. All others are steeped in far left dogma.

Kim, what I find most offensive is your label of those who oppose Obama's radical left wing agenda as hate mongering bigots. It seems when one is either unwilling or unable to articulate a rational argument to debate important issues, the race card is pulled from the bottom of the deck. I refuse to remain silent about my beliefs and values formed over a lifetime of searching for truth about God and my country. Are you saying I don't have the right to disagree with someone because of the color of their skin? That is not the America I believe in.

You state there is nothing Christian about people being allowed to go hungry, but the truth is that one of our country's greatest health concerns is obesity of our children and adults. I agree with your comment, "Jesus tells us to take care of the least among us." But then you finally had a royal Liberal Freudian slip when you said, "not give to the rich and hope they will."

You liberals believe everything belongs to the government not to private citizens and by not taking all of the money from the rich you are giving them money when in fact it was their money to begin with not the governments to give.

Our country was not founded on the premise of people created to serve the government, but government created to serve the people.

Kim, allow me to share with you a secret of how to get more money out of the rich. Lower their tax rate. Yes, you heard me. Lower their tax rates and those crazy fools will work 24 hours a day 7 days a week expanding their business, investing, hiring more workers – just to make more money!

Here comes the really funny part. The rich will make so much more money they will actually pay MORE in taxes. I can't believe the rich fall for this. They are so stupid. In fact the top five percent of earners pay about 95 percent of the taxes collected. Suckers!

Kim, if you raise their rates they will be at the golf course and the two of us will have to pay more to make up the difference. We all want someone else to pay for our government-sponsored party. The new American way.

Kim, the truth is that in every survey those that classify themselves as conservative outgive those who say they follow a liberal theme and by a large margin.

Conservatives give more to charity than liberals? How can this be? Liberals are very generous with other people's money, but not their own. When liberals give to the poor through government programs they create a cycle of dependency which enslaves generations of families.

Jesus had very strong words against the hypocrites of His time. Liberals claim to love the poor but they exploit them by keeping them in poverty so they will vote to keep the liberals in power. Liberals have taken hypocrisy to a new level. The almighty God of government is a false God.

Our founding fathers knew this and created limits to this monster. Limits that are being trampled by thinking that government is the solution when in fact it is the problem!

Finally, Kim, I have one final challenge for you.

I invite you to come to our next tea party meeting, Thursday, Sept. 2, at Canadian Valley Vo-Tech at 7 p.m. I believe you will find people who love their country just as you do and are concerned about irresponsible spending and growth in government that will enslave future generations with a debt that cannot be repaid.

If we are unwilling to stop this, who will? And, if not now, then when? I am so confident that you will be heard and you will be treated with respect that I make this promise.

After the meeting, if you can look me in the eyes and tell me you were not treated fairly, I will give you a personal check made out to your favorite charity in the amount of $500. If we are the wackos you describe in your letter this should be an easy $500 for your cause; however, I believe my money is safe.

Come to the meeting and we will discuss important issues in a rational and civilized manner. I invite all who want to witness democracy in action to be there.

Thank you,

Johnny Trammell

• • •

As I read the story about the Chickasha Softball program possibly being canceled my first thought was are you serious? Are kids so lazy these days they don't want to go out for school sports? Then after talking with friends I realized I may have misunderstood WHY those kids aren't going out for the team. I guess my kids just aren't old enough for me to realize how much it costs for kids to play sports these days. With the economy being as it is and people being cut back on their hours at work I can see why parents aren't able to afford for their kids to play sports. Believe me I understand. My daughter is in band, and it can be expensive. I just don't understand why the businesses in our community can't step up and help by sponsoring the teams. We have businesses that sponsor little league, they should do the same for school teams. No child should be told they can't play a sport because its too expensive, we wonder why the obesity rate of our kids is sky rocketing! Well if they can't afford to play of course they are going to sit on their butts at home and play video games. Local businesses should get involved, as a home based business owner (scentsy) i would gladly donate 100% commission from sales for a fundraiser to donate to our athletic department at CHS, if they would set up a fund for kids that can't afford to play. If we want our programs to continue it makes sense that we all get involved, physically and financially right? My kids aren't even at the high school yet, but i pray when they do get there they have the option of playing softball if they want to! To our community, please get involved with our school programs!

Proud Parent of Fightin' Chicks!

Kiesha Baggett