November 8, 2010

Letters to the Editor

The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — Dear Express Star Editor and Friends of the Arts,


The Chickasha Area Arts Council (CAAC) Directors and the Rock Island Arts Festival 2010 (RIAF) Committee, which was chaired this year by Candice Staats, would like to 'THANK YOU' for your generous support of the 2nd Annual 'Arts Festival'!  It was a wonderful, fun-filled and entertaining event for the whole community.

Hosting such an event would not be possible without all the faithful organizations, businesses, men, women and youth who contributed their time, energy, material resources, donations and financial sponsorships for this special event!  For each of you who served as a sponsor, organizer, volunteer, vendor, artist, entertainer or attendee, we are sincerely and extremely grateful for your willingness and enthusiasm in helping to promote 'The Arts' in Chickasha!

All of your ideas and continued support of 'The Arts' for our community are greatly appreciated.  If you have thoughts on new projects or ideas on making existing events even better, please contact the Arts Council at the above address or by email at  The CAAC meetings are open to visitors and are held on the second Monday of each month at 7 pm in the Chickasha Public Library Community Room.

The CAAC Directors and the RIAF Committee are also very appreciative of the generous donation and support from the Oklahoma Arts Council (OAC) for the Rock Island Arts Festival 2010. The OAC has been very kind and faithful for many years in encouraging and assisting with several of CAAC’s projects and events for our community.  

The CAAC looks forward to hosting the 3rd annual Rock Island Arts Festival, which is scheduled for Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, 2011, and hope you will be an active part of it, as well.   

Again, our sincere 'THANK YOU' for a 'job well done' from the ...   


CAAC Directors & RIAF 2010 Committee

I just wanted to express my opinion about an article I read in the Wednesday issue of the Express.  Mr. Brooks , Chairman of the First National Bank addressed the City Council with a proposal to raise private sector monies to the tune of 2.1 million dollars to build a new YMCA here in our city. As I read on, the article stated that some of the monies from the public sector would also be used to fund the building of this new YMCA which they also called later in the article a “Community/Recreation center”. I do realize that to attract new business to our area, we have to spend monies in ways that make our city attractive to businesses that might want to locate here, i.e., the new Elementary school being built on Grand Ave., our new Activity Center and building improvements recently completed at the High School and our new Sports Complex. All beautiful additions and I think we all agree those should help bring new jobs to our wonderful city.  Some of the other projects also sound exciting like downtown improvements and beautification and the $750,000 USAO Scholarship program to name a few. I do wonder though, like some others, WHO gets to chose the lucky recipients of the scholarships, but I’m sure we will all be impressed by how truly fair it is done.  The $1.5 million loan to Gabriel Ride Control, a long time Chickasha company, was also a great way to keep existing jobs and I think again, we can all agree a great means of spending Tax monies paid by citizens for Economic Development.  Times are tough, we need more jobs in our community. But I have a small problem spending ANY tax monies paid by all the people who live, work and spend money in this town to build a new Community/Recreation center that we ALL will not be able to use. Oh wait, maybe I should have said that ALOT of us will not be able to AFFORD to use. I may be in the minority here, I don’t know, but I think if we use tax monies to make improvements to our city, we ALL should be able to enjoy the new improvements.  I checked the cost of membership to the YMCA . It is almost 600 dollars a year and over 100 dollars to join. Like it or not, that’s  limiting the use of our new “tax payer paid for” Community/Recreation center to only the people that can afford the 700 bucks.  It also stated in the article that Mr. Brooks said “It’s easy for people to decide how to spend public money” and I hope that our city council will spend our hard earned tax monies during these trying times on projects that we can ALL enjoy and be proud of. But then, that’s just my opinion.

Roger Morgan