March 29, 2010

MAILBAG: Letter’s to the Editor

City money should be spent on public safety

— Dear Editor,


A few days ago I read in The Express Star, that the Economic Development Committee was going to ask the Chickasha city council to loan 1.5 million to a private industry.

They were also to give away $400,000 to the local university.

This disturbs me, the money could be better spent on public safety.

The police department is inadequately staffed, at times there are only two or three patrolmen on duty to protect the citizens of Chickasha.

 This is not enough in a city this size. I was in law enforcement for 28 years and I realize you can not do the job the public expects, if you do not have enough personnel.

This is a dangerous situation for not only the officers, but the citizens as well.

 In my opinion, before these funds are disbursed the police and fire departments should be considered, The lives of the citizens of Chickasha, police officers and fire personnel are at risk


Walter Keen

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