August 9, 2010


Letters to the Editor

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Dear Editor:

The first part of this letter is in response to the letter on August 4th from Joyce Stockton.  Ms. Stockton thanked you for your neutrality on Prop 1 and then advised you to read an article on an Extreme Right Wing Wacko Website to better advise yourself about Obama spending.

Well, Ms. Stockton, I did go to the website you mentioned and in case you haven’t figured it out yet, this is a website of extremist radical far right wing crazy people who want undereducated people to believe the garbage they write.  

You state Obama is on track to become the biggest spending president since 1930 and FDR, but FDR had a depression and World War II to fund.  Maybe you forget that Obama was handed the worst recession this country has ever seen since the great depression and he was also handed 2 – not 1 – but 2 wars to fund.

 If you did your homework and looked at the numbers you would see that the reason Obama’s budget looks large is because he has included the war funding in the budget, as it should be if we are going to continue the war.

For 8 years, George W. Bush NEVER included war funding in his budget.  It was always through EMERGENCY funding that he funded his two wars.  After the first year  it should have never been allowed to be spent through emergency funding and not through the budget, but of course for all those years he had a republican congress, Senate and Supreme Court that allowed him to do whatever he wanted, country be damned!!  

He spent more money on war and killing over a million innocent Iraqi Men, Women, Children, Brothers and Sisters by committing Treason against his own country and lying to get us in to at least one of those wars.  

He took a surplus and turned it in to the largest debt this country has ever seen and he did it without ever putting it in his budget – so his numbers would look better.  Don’t be a fool.  

The right wing in this country has spent millions of dollars trying to convince the uneducated and undereducated who will listen to a 30 second sound bite and believe that sound bite without doing their homework and checking their facts.  And they are right – most people won’t take the time to see what’s really going on under their own noses.

I’d also like to thank Mr. Wray for giving both sides of an issue.  This paper has leaned far right long enough and it is so nice to finally see articles in the paper from both sides of the aisle.  I actually renewed my subscription.  This gives everyone an opportunity to hear both sides of an argument.  

We don’t need right wing talking points and rhetoric in our local paper.  We get enough of that on the national level. So thank you Mr. Wray for staying far away from it.  I personally get enough of the right wing propaganda every time you print an article from Tom Cole, Tom Coburn or Leslie Osborn.

I hear Tea Baggers and Right Wingers all the time saying – let’s take our country back.  Back to what???   Back to the Cold War, back to women not having rights, back to colored people not having rights, all the way back to slavery?  If you really think back to where this country has come from – we were not a very great people.

 I really thought this country had come a long way last November when we voted in our first Black President.  But all it did was bring the hate mongers and bigots out from under their rocks.  Many had been quiet for years, but God forbid that a black man think he can come in and run this country – that’s just too much for some to handle.  Really?  Are we not past this yet?  

You and I both know these right-wingers are simply bigots who feel like their white country is going to be taken over by someone who looks different than they do.  My God tells me that we are ALL his children.  

No matter where we had the fortune or misfortune to be born and no matter what color he decided to make our skin.  I’m tired of the Right Wing trying to take over our country and our Christianity – there is absolutely nothing Christian about hating others.  There is also nothing Christian about withholding health care to the poor and people being allowed to go hungry while giving tax breaks to the wealthiest among us.  

Jesus tells us to take care of the least among us – not give to the rich and hope that they will.  Ms. Stockton, you are right that it is time for people in this country to wake up and realize what is happening and get out and vote – but I would urge them to become informed by something more than a sound bite before they pick up a pen at the ballot box!!

Kim Powell


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