December 20, 2010


The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — City needs Serious changes

Dear Editor:

I realize that ever piece of toast has two sides and that we hear about the burnt side more than the other.

This having been spo- ken this letter is about the (Negative) side of our City Government. It appears, and I know several businesses who have tried to create some positives and either start or improve their businesses and all they hear is NO, No you can't do that or can't do this and etc.

We need to make some serious changes in our    Administration, including some Depart- ment Mgrs, Council- men. I have to wonder in the next few years, how many Thousands, possibly Hundreds of Thousand of dollars will be going to our neigh-

bors to the South in the town coffers of Nin- nekah, Ok from the Motor Sports that recently built on the Ninnekah side of US Highway 81 South.

It's a shame that we have such a sour reputa- tion and not one of come, sit.

Lets work this out. Instead of No, No. Let your City Government hear from you, that we want Positive happen- ings. Sales Tax exten- sion, I think NO.

Have you ever read or heard where the funds that we currently have in the E.D. fund is being spent to solicit econom- ic development? Nor have I.

Our water problems should be a high priori- ty. Do you realize that here in Chickahsa we pay a higher sales Tax, then Norman or Okla- homa City???

Respectfully Submit- ted, Reford K. Bassett

Thanks for the return

Dear Editor:

Several weeks ago I accidentally allowed my pool stick in a case to fall off my truck into the street in front of the Chickasha Y. I drove off before I realized it had happened.

I returned in a few minutes after going a few blocks. Howevver by then someone was seen stopping and pick- ing it up, then proceed- ing to drive off. It seems they were not willing to gointotheYtoaskwho might have lost the pool stick and case or to inquire of any other by standers who it belonged to.

It seemed apparent to me that whoever picked it up was not interested in finding the owner, just interested in keep- ing it for them selves. Pointing out that the morals of our country continues to decline.

Hence, No effort to find out who the owner was. Then much to my sur- prise another incident occurred that has restored at least some of my faith in human nature.

My wife lost her cell phonewhilegettinginto her car at the Arby's here in Chickasha. Someone found it and turned it in to the man- ager, who returned it to us. Thank You to that person, we do not know their name.

If that person had found my pool cue, I am sure they would have returned it. So, I guess the moral is that there are still good people, who do the right thin. If the person that found the pool stick should happen to read this and decide to do the right thing, it would be a pleasant surprise.

They could just take it into the Chickasha Y, and leave it for me with my thanks.