February 6, 2011


City needs accountability, reader says

The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — Dear Editor:

Chickasha is a town of the right size and people to be a great city. We are being short-changed by our city manager type of government.

There is no real oversight of any of the departments. Point in fact: The street department is currently out pulling up perfectly good poles where stop signs are. instead of just replacing the signs. I will admit some poles needed replaced but not all.

When they replace the street signs, which most were on their own poles, they are now on the stop sign poles which are further back from the street then the original street signs were.

The street signs are not always placed on the same side of the corner at each intersection which would make sense but we all know by the alphabatizing of the streets there seams to be no planning.

Putting all street signs on, lets say, the northwest corner just seems too hard for the street department. No one holds the street department accountable.

Accountability is also lacking in oversight of Chickasha's finest. We recently learned a suspect has been in jail since October for tampering with a security camera in August. The subject held a towel over the camera at an ATM supposedly while another unidentified subject used a murdered mans ATM card for a withdraw.

Charge the subject not with security camera tampering, but with accessory to murder after the fact I'll bet his description of the supposed person who gave him $20 will improve or his story will fall apart.

I would like to know that a murder suspect is in custody and not out on the streets looking for another victim.all crimes should take a back burner to a cold blooded killer.


Charles Bradley


City needs accountability, reader says