August 23, 2010


— Dear Editor:

This letter will be in response to letters in response to my Aug. 8 letter, and I apologize in advance for the length.

Mr. Trammell and Mrs. Croskey, you obviously didn’t read my article that closely or you would realize that I didn’t call any individual person or anyone who disagrees with me anything at all.  

What I did say, to quote myself – was the Web site Ms. Stockton directed Mr. Wray to was “a website of extremist radical far right wing crazy people who want undereducated people to believe the garbage that they write.”  

The fact is that website IS an extremist right wing radical website – just a fact – that did not encompass everyone who disagrees with me, just factual information about a Web site. You are certainly welcome to your own views and opinions, as am I – this is America, after all.  

However, I like to base my opinions on facts. The problem with the Republican Party right now is the leaders of your party and those that are speaking on your behalf are indeed trying to spread hate and fear throughout the masses.

 They understand that if they can make people afraid, they can control their thoughts and their actions. Let’s face it, Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck are the leaders of the Republican Party right now, and there is not a single elected republican representative who is willing to stand up and say that these people do not represent their party.  

Any republican senator or congressman who does come forward and tries to talk some common sense is scolded and comes out within 24 hours and takes back what he said. Let me make it clear, these are the people that I call Radical and Right Wing and Wacko – they are.  If you listen to that garbage and then repeat what they say, then be prepared to be associated with them.

Mr. Trammell, you want to talk about hypocrisy. That is a conversation I will love to have with you. We are tired of the conservative hypocrisy that has simply been taken to new heights.  

For eight years, anyone who disagreed with George W’s policies or spoke out against his illegal war was called un-patriotic and un-American.  We were told he was the president and whether you liked him or not, the office of the president should be respected and people should just keep their mouths shut. Really?  Where’s that patriotism now? Where is that respect now?  Oh, I know – they meant people only have to be respectful of the office of the president when it’s a republican or a rich white man, right?  

Ms. Croskey and Mr. Trammell, you both tell me not to pull the race card, but I’m not the one who pulled it. Your TEA Party group that you seem so proud of are the ones that pulled it.  Again – maybe not the people here on the local level, but the people that you have chosen to speak for this organization on a national level are the ones who go to rallies with pictures of President Obama painted in clown face and monkey ears, tales and bananas.  You have members of Congress just this week talking of banning the color purple from being worn on Capital Hill because that is the Obama Administrations gangster colors.   There is no denying that that is racism and hatred at it's very worst.  

  The tea party says its against Obama because it is tired of paying high taxes, when in fact; their taxes were lower in 2009 than at any time since 1950 – from 12 percent to 9.8 percent – again, a fact.  

They also claim to be tired of bailouts for big companies – where were they when Bush was in office if that’s the case?  Remember, it was Bush who signed the bailout of the banks. That happened five months before Obama took office and two months before the election. Your leader, Michelle Bauchman, is literally trying to start a civil war in this country.  

Mr. Trammell, I will give you this – you have certainly memorized the conservative talking points.  Lower the tax rates of the rich and they will work to pay more money.  You and I both know that is such a false statement.  You talk of rich paying more taxes than anyone – wrong. As a matter of fact, the Government Accountability Office says that two-thirds of American companies and 68 percent of foreign companies doing business in the U.S. pay absolutely zero Federal Income Tax while raking in huge profits. Not a typo – ZERO tax.  Again, factual information. There is something wrong with this system.

Ms. Singleton, you speak of the president not being duly elected.  Barack Obama is the first president in the last three elections that was elected by a large margin of the country, both the popular vote and the Electoral College.  He was not a supreme court appointed president.  Just because he wasn’t your choice doesn’t mean he wasn’t elected fair and square.  

As a matter of fact, only 10 other presidents in our history had a larger margin of the popular vote. Also, I will have a conversation with you about welfare in this country when you want to have the conversation about paying people a living wage.  

Teddy Roosevelt, republican president, started speaking of a living wage back in 1906. We haven’t gotten there yet. It’s a shame that people in this country can work two and three jobs and still have to have assistance from welfare to make ends meet and live just at the poverty level.  

In closing, Mr. Trammel, thank you for the invitation to a tea party meeting.  I will have to respectfully decline.  Mainly because I work in the evenings and I don’t get to attend any of these meetings, including democratic ones.  I also do not want to be held guilty by association for someone that might see me there.  Your local group may or may not be democratic, but from what I’ve seen from the national tea party groups, they are not a group I would choose to be associated with.  You certainly have the right not to agree with me, just as I have the right not to agree with you.  That’s what makes our country a great one.

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