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July 24, 2012

Dibble Senior Citizens News

Week of July 23-27, 2012

Greetings to the Seniors of the Dibble Community!

 Not a lot going on as we endure hot temperatures. (Here we go again!)....Drought and burn bans.  It will get better!!

Our sick and injured are not much changed although Cook Linda’s son did have a heart attack, but is recovering with a new stint.  Only 35 years old though!!

Hope all had a big bang at the Dibble Fireworks extravaganza on Saturday night.  Wow what a party!!  It was the most folks I have seen in recent years.  Big thanks to Dibble Fire Dept and the Town of Dibble for their efforts!

According to the Oklahoma Observer, the median net worth of American families has declined from $126,000.00 in 2007 to $77,300.00 in 2010.  All this while our entire Oklahoma Congressional delegation in Washington D.C. rejoices over giving big oil and gas $18 billion in subsidies and cutting food stamps some $33 billion!  I thought big oil and gas were doing quite well of late, especially when I pull up to the gas pump.  Oh well, what do we Seniors know?  The Observer also reports that fully 38% of Americans now identify themselves as “Independents”.  I may be old and slow but I am figuring out which direction I am going in November!

My bid for President is gaining momentum each week.  Last week I told you all that Teddy Roosevelt gave you in the “Fair Deal” while F.D.R. gave you the “New Deal”.  I will offer you the “Big Deal.”  Basically it is based on the “chicken plucking” theory of economics which is much different than “trickle down” or “peculate up” economics.  First the farmer raises 9 chickens.  Then he hires a chicken plucker to process them all.  The plucker gets to keep 2 chickens to sell or eat at his discretion. The farmer then keeps 6 chickens to sell or eat at his discretion.  Then 1 chicken goes to the Federal Government for taxes to sell or eat at its discretion.  If our entire economy was based on this, everybody  would be happy.  Problem solved.  Sometime I even amaze myself!!??!!  At least Larry the Cable Guy thinks it is a good idea!

Our esteemed Vice President Dale is having so much success with his “Rental Dental” business where he rents out dentures to Seniors for special occasions, that he has decided to branch out.  He wants to put in a place down by the funeral home since he has inside information on which seniors have had knee, hip, etc. replacements and sell used body parts.  He wants to call it “Pull-A-Part”!!  He ain’t right!



All for now...





Monday...Chicken & Rice with Gravy

Tuesday...Ham, Beans and Cornbread

Wednesday...Chinese !!

Thursday...REGIONAL FOOD BANK TRUCK / Cook’s Choice

Friday...Fried Chicken



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