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October 2, 2012



— If you are like me, you are a goal oriented person with an above average work ethic and will push yourself in extraordinary ways to turn any dream into a reality.  These are very good traits in a lot of ways and has paved the road to success many times over, but one thing I have learned to pay close attention to is over working myself both physically and mentally.  I have learned to listen to my body and take action on its behalf when I push it past its breaking point.  I have developed a “0 negativity” mindset that keeps me feeling sane and from letting other people stress me out and cause worry, grief and anxiety to infiltrate my otherwise calm, happy and clear thinking mind.  These were both learned skill sets that I had to discipline myself to pay attention to and to do something about once it was clear that action needed to be taken.

With fall already here and winter just around the corner, take a little tip from mother nature and give yourself the necessary time to replenish, renew and restore yourself to its original happy state.  It is so easy to become entrapped in world of deadlines, bills, and got-to-haves, but the reality is, we are all in charge of our own destiny and in order to really appreciate life, we need to feel good, be healthy and be willing to be fully engaged in this wonderful experience, our life.

Listen to your body; keep it healthy with an awesome diet, exercise regularly, have fun daily,  enjoy your friends and family and do take time out for yourself, it’s a must.  To Your Success!


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