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October 2, 2012


— It’s October already, can you believe it?  With fall at our doorsteps and the days beginning to get shorter, the world that we live in will soon be taking a nap to recover and to recuperate.  The kaleidoscope of the spring and summer colors will be traded for yellow, browns and grays.  It will soon be getting much colder as Halloween approaches and we will all break out our winter apparel for yet another season.  Just as the Earth needs some down time to replenish itself, we too must allot some much needed time in order to renew ourselves for greater health and well-being.

For those of us who are constantly on the go, working until the wee hours, pushing ourselves to the point of physical and mental exhaustion, getting sufficient rest and recovery time is a must.  If we don’t allow ample time for your body and mind to recuperate, you will soon find yourself in world just as gloomy and frightening as any Halloween night you have ever seen.  There is, also a flip side to this statement, if you never get out and physically work your body and challenge your mental faculties, your body will experience a down turn as well.  In the same manner as the Earth always keeps itself in a constant state of balance, we too must strive to find a balance within ourselves as well.

Stress, lack of clarity and focus, anxiety, worry, inner turmoil and feelings of hopelessness that can lead to depression can all occur when your body and mind become over worked and not allowed to heal and return to a more balanced state.  Careless injuries, fatigue and even sickness can happen when one pushes too far and doesn’t stop and recognize the telling signs that warn you that you have taken yourself too far and must immediately do something to remedy to situation or experience the consequences.  We all think we are 10 feet tall and bullet proof when everything is going okay, but we can be chopped back down to size in a heartbeat when our health begins to suffer.  

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