October 1, 2012

Crider celebrates her 100th birthday

The Express-Star

— Happy 100th Birthday!

Melba Bonnie Crider was born Sept. 29, 1912 to Rosa Marie and Louie Rosenboom in Montana. She married her husband C.G. Crider on Sept. 8, 1931 in Altus.  They had two children, Rosa Dawn and Jack and lived in Lawton and Fletcher where they owned diners, furniture stores, barber shops and a barber supply stores. They settled for the majority of their marriage in Chickasha were they owned OK Barber Supply Company and watched their family grow.

Melba has seven grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren and eight great-great grandchildren.

Over her 100 years,  she has lost many loved ones but gained many along the way. She has been such an inspiration for many, but most of all a loving grandmother that we are so grateful for.