April 27, 2012

Dibble Senior Citizens News

— Greetings to the Seniors of the Dibble Community!

 Last week started off well with our attempt at line dancing at 10:30 on Monday morning.  We seem to be doing well except when we have to lift our legs and then gravity kicks in!!  Remember Phyllis Embry will be here on Monday the 30th to help correct our path on line dancing.  Thanks Phyllis!!

Remember the May 8th Pay Back Day at the Regional Food Bank.  We will leave at 12:30 after lunch.  Remember also the dance on Monday the 14th of May with Red Newsom!

Big thanks to Woodmen of the World in Blanchard for the $500.00 donation as it will allow us to have chicken fried steak at least once on Friday instead of hamburger surprise next month.  Thanks Woodmen!!!!

I am pleased to announce our sick list is finally on the mend as folks are in recovery or their illness turned out to be less severe than first thought.....although we are not out of the woods yet.  Two of our clan are still doing Chemo...Get Well All!!!

I have decided to ramp up my effort to get elected President of the United State where as according to the Oklahoma Observer the 5 biggest oil companies in the U.S. made $130 Billion last year but while it got a $24 Billion tax subsidy at the same time.  All of this while the Observer reports that 20% of all Okies are at the bottom of income and die 6.5 years sooner than the top 1%.  New meaning to the word “Sooner State” don’t you think!!?  They say there are more than 22,000 poor families that get T.A.F.F. from DHS.  If I really were to get elected I would have to go into hiding as there are some folks who would not like me very much afterwards!!

Our esteemed Vice President Dale has gone into the life insurance business as his main pitch is that if you use his policy you don’t have to make anymore monthly payments.  Wow what a deal!!  He ain’t right!!!

The local Baptist preacher asked me why did I have such heathen ways?  Didn’t I ever consider the “Hereafter”.  I told hm, sure I did because these days every time I go into a room I have to ask myself “What am I here after?”  He told my wife I wasn’t right !!!!


All for now....




Monday....Hamburgers and French Fries

Tuesday...Spring Sandwich Buffet

Wednesday....Salisbury Steak


Friday...Fried Chicken