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May 1, 2012


Isn’t life in small town Chickasha great and how big is your footprint?  No, I haven’t lost my mind, even though I must confess that I have always been a little bit different. But getting back to task at hand, yes, there is a point to this question. Living in a small town, like our small town, can be one of the greatest experiences you could possibly ever have and it goes without saying that you have the unique opportunity to leave your mark, or footprint, in everything and on everyone you come in contact with.

It’s funny to me that we call Chickasha a small town.  Growing up in Anadarko, Chickasha, to me, seemed like the “big” town.  No it wasn’t huge like Oklahoma City, Lawton or Tulsa, but it was definitely a much larger small town.  I still get a kick out of this and I have a little ritual that I do every Friday evening while I am teaching my Kardio Kickboxing class, at some point early on in the class, I exclaim over my microphone, “it’s Friday night in the ‘Big’ town”.  People look at me a little weird, but I enjoy it.  This ritual keeps me grounded and brings me back to my roots.

Over the past 44 years of my life, I have been fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to travel to many major cities in America and abroad, but I have always chosen to come back to the small town way of life.  In Chickasha do we live a fast paced lifestyle?  I guess it depends upon the point of view of the one asking the question.  I would describe Chickasha as slow and smooth, but most assuredly, it’s not moving at a snail’s pace, there is plenty going on around here.

Chickasha sometimes gets a bad rap and has been described as being a rough, drug infested, hole in the wall town with little to no opportunities.  But once again, I guess it all depends upon the point of view of the person making the observation.  To me, our “small town” is a great place to live.  Through my business here in Chickasha, I’ve been blessed to have met and been a part of hundreds of fantastic people’s lives over the last 10 years.  Recently, my wife Andrea and I lost our dog and low and behold, tons of folks came out to offer their help and condolences.  Chickasha, to the Wilkerson family is a great place to live.

What size is your footprint?  Mine is size 12 ½, just kidding.  By footprint, I mean how you live your life and what is left behind as a result of what you have done with it. Personally, I try daily to live life to the fullest and to be the change that I want to see take place in my world.  I want friendly, kind, positive, goal oriented people in my life, so I try my best to always be friendly, kind and positive to everyone that I meet.  For me life is like a mirror, you see a direct reflection back of what is going on inside of you.  After I am dead and gone, I would like others to look back at all the differences that I have made because I lived.  It’s a big, hairy and audacious goal, but it’s my one shot at life.

We all get to make choices.  I choose to live and work in one of the greatest small towns that you will ever find, I choose to live my life in accordance and in harmony with my beliefs and I strive to be a positive influence on every person and on each and everything that I touch.  The manner that you choose to leave your footprint is a direct result of how you live your life. Here is a little piece of advice, live life in the service of others and you will always be happy. If you choose, you can do that while living in Chickasha, one amazing small town.  How big is your footprint?

To Your Success!

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