November 9, 2012

From the Dibble Senior Citizens Center

Eddie Cantrell
The Express-Star

DIBBLE — Greetings to the Seniors of the Dibble Community!

Wow what a trip!  On Saturday 22 seniors ascended on the town of Medicine Park and not one item went untouched by human hands in any shop on Main Street.  Our lunch was great at the Old Plantation Restaurant and the margaritas were not bad either!  We also explored the Holy City and Museum and ended up with late afternoon ice cream at Braum’s in Chickasha to top off the trip.  Fun was had by all and big thanks to “Dangerous” Doug for fixing the door on our van so we could go in the first place. Dibble Seniors are Party Animals!!  Big thanks to Linda Boren for lining up the trip.  Next field trip is in the works.  Stay Tuned!!

Remember this month is short with our Thanksgiving dinner on the 16th of November. We be taking off the week of Thanksgiving and will be back in operation on Monday, November 26th.  Be there!!

Everything is in good shape on the sick and injured list and this is good news.

The race to the White House is down to the wire and I have got these two guys right where I want them, as of this writing.  I am now writing my acceptance speech and I am sure I will be giving it by tomorrow.  Stay turned!! These two guys would be better off running for Miss America!  They ain’t right anyway!

 All for now...




Monday...Pulled Chicken

Tuesday...Soup & Sandwich

Wednesday...Beef Strouganoff

Thursday...REGIONAL FOOD BANK TRUCK..Cook’s Choice