November 6, 2012

GOP sweeps Grady County

Perryman only local democrat to come away with victory

The Express-Star

GRADY COUNTY — Republican Sheriff Candidate Jim Weir won last night in a landslide against Democratic candidate Jeff Franklin.

Weir said, "I want to thank all the people in Grady County that supported me. I want to thank all my supporters that are here tonight. I had a lot of law enforcement officers and people in the community that just knew my background and knew I'd do a good job. It's not just me; it was all the people behind me."

Franklin who had his watch party at Pizza Hut said, "I don't hold any grudges either way. I ran a good clean race. I started this campaign with three jobs and tomorrow when I wake up I will still be fortunate enough to have three jobs,” said Franklin.

When asked if Franklin see's any campaigns in the future he said, "I don't know yet, we will see what people have to say after this election. I guess we will see how Weir does before I make that call."

Democratic Candidate David Perryman won the seat for House District 56 against Republican opponent Chuck Utsler in a close run.

Perryman said, “We were neck and neck all night. Because of how close this race is, it looks like we need to build bridges and look for solutions across the board. It’s been a long race and the results show that it was very close and the District is split almost down the middle. But overall I am very excited. Campaigning is one of those necessary evils that are there, but if that is what I needed to do to make a change in people’s lives then I will.”

"I want to thank all the supporters and people who have made this possible. It is a very humbling experience to have that many people working for you. I look forward to serving the people of my district," said Utsler.

Chuck Utsler the Republican candidate had his watch party at the Best Western Motel where supporters such as Senator Ron Justice where present.

In the race for Oklahoma Senate District 43, Corey Brooks got 19,675 votes and opponent Mike Fullerton received 8,276 votes.

Brooks stated, "We are very excited and want to thank our voters for the overwhelming vote. I am going to do my best with the incredible amount of trust that's been given. We want to thank our voters and volunteers, without who this would not be possible. We're ready to get to work."

While he lost the race, Fullerton expressed gratitude towards his supporters.

"We ran an honest and clean race. We appreciate the voters and everyone for helping me out and voting for me."

Republican candidate Scott Biggs won the seat for House District 51 against Democratic candidate Stewart Meyer last night. The announcement was official at approximately 9:30pm.

Biggs said after his extensive traveling through his district where he ended at a Stephen's County watch party said, "I am very humbled by all the support we got. It's been a long journey. And I plan to keep working just as hard in the future. We got to meet a lot of people and made a lot of new friends along the way. We didn't sleep much last night, but hopefully we will sleep better tonight."

Meyer said, "We ran the kind of race we both said we would. I feel good about it. The people who worked with me worked very hard. I think Scott will do a great job. It was a great experience but I'm glad it’s behind me. We are going to continue working with our charity in the future and see what happens from there."

Representative Tom Cole will return for his sixth tour of duty in Congress.

Cole defeated opponent Donna Bebo last night with almost 70 percent of the vote.

"It was a good night for all Oklahoma Republicans," Cole said. "We are doing something historic tonight."

Bebo did not return calls before press time.

Oklahoma House District 47 incumbent Leslie Osborn will retain her position soundly beating challenger Leon Pavinksi.