November 2, 2012

U.S. Rep. District 4 debate


OKLAHOMA — What sort of legislation or work will you do in order to push Native America issues?

TC: Throughout my time in Congress I have been repeatedly recognized as a leader on tribal policy and Native American issues. As the only currently serving Native American member of Congress, I work tirelessly to guarantee that the trust relationship between the Federal Government and Tribes is honored.

That being said, I would like to see legislation that would give tribes more control over their territory and natural resources.

In addition, I would like to pass legislation that would fix the Carcieri decision by the United States Supreme Court. That decision effectively created two classes of Native American Tribes and limits the ability of tribes to put land in trust.

I would also like to do more in Indian Healthcare and Education. Studies show that Native Americas have shorter life spans and fewer educational opportunities than any other group of Americans. These are areas the US government can and should do much to improve.

DB: Our government has a responsibility to honor its treaties.  This means we must place a high priority on respecting tribal sovereignty.  This responsibility would be my guide for all legislation which will impact our Native American tribes.

How do you feel about implementing term limits in regards to members of Congress?

DB:  I am in favor of term limits.

TC: I have always supported the concept if such limits are equally applied to the whole Congress. I supported and voted for our Oklahoma legislature adopting term limits. I support similar legislation at the federal level – but only if it applies to all states.

Why should a Grady County citizen vote for you?

TC: It is a great honor to serve the people of the 4th District of Oklahoma. I believe I will do the best job of representing the 4th district’s values and interests in the United States Congress. I will work to uphold things we believe in like a smaller but more effective government, a flatter and fairer tax system and a balanced budget. During my time in Congress I have an attendance and voting record of 99% and I have helped to reduce the budgets of congressional offices by 11% and passed legislation through the House to eliminate the funding of political conventions and presidential campaigns by the taxpayers.

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