June 9, 2010

Candidate crop looks plentiful this season

Chuck Larsen
The Express-Star

— On Saturday, I was given a great opportunity to meet and listen to the candidates for several state offices, including governor and lieutenant governor.

The Oklahoma Press Association fielded this panel discussion titled "Oklahoma's Future," which I think is a fitting description of what we should be looking for in our candidates. If elected, how will each individual impact Oklahoma's future in a positive way through their elected office?

My overall opinion is that we have a full slate of quality people with good records running for office. That is definitely reassuring.

I liked what U.S. Congressman Tom Cole said when he made a stop by the newspaper office last week. We had the opportunity to sit down with him one-on-one and ask him whatever we wanted.

I asked him what encouragement and assurance he could give the citizens of Grady County about the state of our country and our economy.

He said despite everything that's going on right now, America is still strong. He said to remember that no matter how bad or threatening the political climate seems right now, that this is not the toughest moment in American history. Other generations have faced far bigger challenges and survived. We will face this and survive, he said.

Cole said that one of the biggest challenges we face right now is that we, ourselves, are pessimistic about our own future.

Be positive. He said we don't have a set of problems we can't overcome.

As for the concerns Conservative Republicans have about our current President of the United States, he said we can work in a positive way to become the majority again.

Cole said it's like the OU football fans and their coaches – sooner or later you keep firing coaches until you get the one you want.

He said that Washington reflects politics, it doesn't drive politics.

In other words, it's up to us.

Don't sit back and complain and feel like we don't have a say in what is happening in our country. We do.

Cole said to quit whining and start working.

If you want change, work for it.