January 8, 2011

Schools Menus Jan. 10-14

Mike Moguin
The Express-Star

— Chickasha Schools

Monday January 10

(B)  Breakfast bites, pancake syrup, diced pears, milk

(L) Deli turkey sandwich, baby carrots with broccoli, ranch dressing, pork and beans, Doritos, apple, milk

Tuesday January 11

(B) Berry Colossal Crunch, graham crackers, juice, milk

(L) Chicken strips, mashed potatoes and peppered gravy, peas, strawberries and jello, biscuit, milk

Wednesday January 12

(B) Breakfast pizza, peaches, milk

(L) Charburger with cheese, lettuce, pickles, potato wedges, red pears, milk, condiments

Thursday January 13

(B) Pancake, pancake syrup, fruit cocktail, milk

(L) Chicken and gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, cherry crisp, roll, milk

Friday January 14

(B) Chicken rings, honey, applesauce, milk

(L) Frito chili pie, corn chips, chili beans, pineapple chunks, fruit bread, milk

Friend School

Monday January 10

(B) Sausage biscuits, juice, jelly, milk

(L) Chicken twists, ,french fries, sliced peaches, chocolate pudding, milk

Tuesday January 11

(B) Pancakes, juice, syrup, milk

(L) Pigs in a blanket, broccoli with cheese,  pineapple tidbits, jello, milk

Wednesday January 12

(B) Biscuit and gravy, juice, milk

(L) Spaghetti, tossed salad, sliced pears, bread, butter, milk

Thursday January 13

(B) Breakfast pizza, juice, milk

(L) Nachos, cowboy beans, rosy applesauce, blueberry squares, milk

Friday January 14

(B) Cereal, toast, juice, jelly, milk

(L) BBQ on a Bun, chips, pickles, orange, milk

Pioneer Elementary

Monday January 10

(B) Cereal, Toast, Juice, Milk

(L) Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, Hot Rolls, Peaches, Milk

Tuesday January 11

(B) Tornados, Syrup, Juice, Milk

(L) Mac n Cheese, Little Smokies, Sweet Peas, Fruit, Milk

Wednesday January 12

(B) Sausage Patty, Biscuits, Juice, Milk

(L) Spaghetti, Green Beans, Orange Smiles, Dunkers, Milk

Thursday January 13

(B) Sweet Rice, Toast, Juice, Milk

(L) Hamburgers w/Cheese, Pickle, Potatoes Rounds, Rosy Applesauce, Milk

Friday January 14

(B) Turnovers, Juice, Milk

(L) Pizza, Carrots w/Ranch, Fruit Salad, Milk