June 28, 2010

Intership is time well spent

Aaron Colen
The Express-Star

— As I draw near the halfway point of my time here in Chickasha, I am amazed by how much I’ve learned and how positive the experience here has been.

In less than a month I have had the fortune of meeting and interacting with some of the most kind and helpful people I’ve ever come across.

Working in a city I’d never even visited before seemed intimidating at first. I didn’t know anyone outside my newsroom, I had no sources and I had not a clue what was important to the people here.

However, every time I’ve reached out to someone, I’ve received a positive response. Everyone from the citizens to the public officials has seemed eager to do whatever they can to get me acclimated to Chickasha.

I’ve discovered a city that not only has a rich history, but a city that is not resting on that history but is moving forward.

I’m fascinated by the historical scenery as I drive through downtown. I’m moved as I learn about the history of the Verden Separate Schoolhouse. And I’m inspired when I see the community rally together to support the Festival of Light.

Already, I feel attached to this city, and the concerns of its people have become my concerns. It is impossible not to care when I see so many people who take an active interest in the well-being of their community.

I have a little more than one month left to serve the city of Chickasha by providing the residents with the information they need. My hope for that month is that I can at least come close to benefitting this city as much as it has benefitted me.