June 16, 2010

Shaping up & having the time of their lives

The Express-Star

— On June 7, I took my daughters, Allison and Breanna, to something I hoped would be one of those things they would cherish – something that could change their lives. I took my daughters to FLO Health and Fitness and got them started on the 2010 Ms. Fit Teen Challenge.

While I truly didn't know what to expect, I knew the idea behind the summer challenge – to teach the girls to love and appreciate themselves and to learn health and nutrition information – was something I wanted to be a part of and have my girls participate in.

The girls went in and, not knowing how many participants to expect, I was pleasantly surprised by 20-plus girls who arrived and enjoyed meeting each other and working out together following their grand tour of the facility.

These girls may not realize it now, but this could be the start of something good for each of them – something that will instill healthy habits to last them a lifetime.

So far, so good ... and I can't wait to see how things change and improve with all the girls between now and the end date, July 30.  

I wonder if the girls will still be interested in something like this during the school year. As a parent, it is exciting, because you know what your child is capable of and you know this will be an awesome adventure – for the children and the parent.

Unfortunately for the boys, this teen challenge is only for school-age girls. It's too bad there isn't something similar for boys to do during the summer.