Tuttle Police Department

Tuttle Police are investigating an incident in which a van was taken from Tuttle Learning Center and left on the side of the road in Chickasha. 

Tuttle Police believe this incident is connected with two other incidents of auto burglary that occurred that day, according to Tuttle Police Chief, Donald Cluck. 

Earlier that morning, Tuttle Police responded to a report that a truck had been left in the front yard of a residence in Tuttle. Officers discovered the truck had been stolen from a person in Chickasha. It was returned to the owner, the report said. 

Later, the owner of Tuttle Learning Center reported one of the daycare's vans had been stolen. He said he noticed the van was missing when he went outside to start the van before transporting some of the children to school, the report said. 

The owner reported that the battery from another van had been taken. He told officers it is possible that whoever took the van took the battery, as the stolen van does not run well. The owner said the keys were inside the daycare but he did not remember if the vans were locked, the report said. 

Later that day, the van was recovered in Chickasha by Oklahoma Highway Patrol. The van was on the side of the road and inoperable, the report said. 

That evening, Tuttle Police received a call about a third auto burglary incident. A resident said when he returned home from work, he noticed the driver side door was ajar. The resident also reported pieces of the steering column on the ground. The cover around the steering column had been taken apart and the wires were exposed, the report said. Chief Cluck said this was possibly a failed attempt to steal another vehicle. 

These incidents are still under investigation. 

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