Murder Mystery

Cast members of A MerryMurder PantoCrime discuss their suspicions while the guests are being served at their murder mystery dinner theater on Sunday afternoon at Fourth St. Theater.

A killer was captured and a mystery solved on Sunday afternoon at Fourth St. Theater, following a four-part investigation combined with four-course meal during the murder mystery dinner theatre presentation of A MerryMurder PantoCrime.

Dick Whittington was revealed by the Fairy Godmother, Fairy Nuff, to be the killer of Prince Charmless, and all of the guests who cleverly deduced that he was the killer were entered for a chance to win a prize.

The prize, a charming double-sided seasonal welcome sign created by Paula Jo Tipton and donated to Fourth St. Theater, was won by Paula Waugh.

“We had such a great afternoon here at the theater,” said director Krislyn Gottman Chambers. “Our fantastic meal was catered by Paw Paw’s in Tuttle, and our cast and guests were served a medieval-style dinner that was really impressive. I’m also so pleased with all of our cast members and the way they acted in the show. We only had a month to make this production happen, and they all really rose to the occasion and gave the audience an enjoyable performance.”

The cast included Lenora Garvie as Fairy Nuff, Sabrina Hinckley as Queen Honoria, Hailey Gordon as Cinderella, Krislyn Gottman as Dame Trot, Kale Smith as Simple Simon, Lydia Haworth as Tapioca, Belinda Garvie as Snow White, Titus Haworth as Jack the Giant Killer, Caleb Hinckley as Captain James T. Hook, Bennett Garvie as Dick Whittington, Rylie Williams as the real Cinderella, Sarah Keeth as Widow Twankee, Asa Haworth as the Solicitor General of Pantomimia, and Raven Chambers as Dick Whittington’s Cat. The investigators were played by Antonio Hamilton, Breann Hamilton, Onna Hamilton, Marissa McDermott, Bridget Nelson, and Piper Whitten.

Now that Whittington has been brought to justice, the theater will redirect their attention to this month’s Theater of Terror, premiering Oct. 18, and preparations for their Christmas production, A Tuttle Christmas Carol.

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