October 26, 2009

Trick or treat tips to make Halloween less scary

CHICKASHA, Okla. - The candy aisle at the local store is filled with all kinds of treats. Costumes and decorations fill another section of the store. Obviously Halloween is just around the corner.

Trick or treating is one of the great adventures of childhood and Halloween provides a chance to hit the mother lode in treats.

While some communities offer a Harvest Festival or some other town-wide celebration so that children can trick or treat safely, many children still go door to door in their neighborhoods. Not only should children take extra precautions while they are out, adults need to be on their toes as well.

It is a good idea to trick or treat while it is still light outside. The time change does not occur until after Halloween, so youngsters should have a little more daylight while they trick or treat. Children should be accompanied by an adult.

Parents should plan out a route for older children who may be going out without an adult. This will help you know where your children are going to be.

Encourage children to stop only at familiar homes, stay in well lighted areas and stay within populated areas as well.

When choosing a costume, make sure it fits properly and is made of flame retardant material. Costumes that are too long can cause children to trip. It is a good idea to use face paint instead of a mask so the child’s vision is not obscured. A few pieces of reflective tape can add more visibility to a child while he or she is out trick or treating. Also, make sure your child or the accompanying adult has a flashlight in the event the group is out past dark.

Adults who are driving their children to various neighborhoods need to be paying extra attention on Halloween.

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