January 18, 2011

Transformations January 18, 2011

KJN Dean Wilkerson
The Express-Star

— We are past the half way point of January and beginning to make our mark on an amazing 2011.  Life is good, goals are becoming more clear and refined and daily action is steering us in the right direction.  Everything is promising, hopeful and invigorating.

Each morning the opportunity clock (aka. Alarm clock) goes off and we jump out of bed thrilled to begin the new day and one step closer to the achievement of all our hopes and desires.

Does this sound like you?  If not, you need to get your priorities together and start living the life of your dreams!  Life is too short to be living an existence of unhappiness, lack of fulfillment, diminished desires of achievement and separation of yourself from the things that bring you joy.  

So if your ship is headed in the wrong direction, don’t be a doof and just let yourself stay the course, get up right now, call yourself a doof and make a commitment do doing the things that you want to do, start living the life that you always wanted to live and get prepared to sail into uncharted waters where you will need all the courage, confidence, passion and desire that you can possibly bring with you along this fantastic journey that you will begin.  But most importantly, start today by taking some type of action, no matter how small that will get the ball rolling and your juices flowing.  Start today!

In the last column I promised to bring you tips on how to stay motivated and offer you some guidance on how to get in shape and finally really reach all your health and fitness goals this year.  So here we go, this is one of the most important ingredients to changing your life and creating new habits.  What is your power WHY?  My powerful what?  Yes, your powerful why.  Here is a little story to help illustrate what I am talking about.  

A person offers you $20 to walk a 1 foot wide and 30 foot long board that is laid out flat on the ground.  Sure you can do it and wow $20 bucks, heck yeah!  Take the same board which is now placed between 2, one hundred story buildings, will you walk it now for $20?  Unless you’re a little off your rocker, the answer is probably an unquestionable no.

Now the same scenario and one of the buildings are on fire in a massive way and a     loved one, possibly your child, is on it, will you do it now?  Sure you would in a heartbeat and the $20 dollars will never come to mind.

What is your reason you want to lose weight or get in shape?  What is your powerful “why” that will offer you motivation to stick to your goal no matter what stumbling blocks or temporary lack of desire that is assuredly going to get in your way?  Without a powerful why, you will simply give up when the going gets tough.  Discover your powerful why and next week I will continue to guide you in the right direction, the right course in the fulfillment and the achievement of your ultimate success!