January 13, 2011

Get Reel with Wendy

Movie Review: Yogi Bear

Wendy Ward,
The Express-Star

— Yogi Bear

Voice of Yogi Bear: Dan Aykroyd

Voice of Boo Boo: Justin Timberlake


In 1961 Yogi Bear was given his own show and he has finally gotten onto the big screen.  And, yes, Boo Boo is right there by his side trying to talk sense into the crazy, ‘pick-a-nick’ basket stealin’ bear of Jellystone Park.

In this reality/animation combo, Park Ranger Smith is trying to save Jellystone from being turned into “agriculture” advancement for the city.  This would mean turning the park into a logging site

In attempt to save the park, Ranger Smith plans a Centennial firework celebration to increase sales of their season passes.  

He thinks the key to his success will be keeping Yogi out of sight and out of mind.  Yogi, on the other hand, feels that he can save the day by showing off his water skiing talents.  Hmmm…Yogi Bear, water skiing, and fireworks…this will make for a celebration to remember!

Oh, and I nearly forgot, Rachael.  She is filming a documentary of our very clever friend, Yogi thru Boo Boo’s bowtie.  This gives an up close and personal look into their cave.  This is no ordinary cave, though.  It’s a “man cave” with the soda machine and all.  They even have a pet, a once thought extinct frog-mouthed turtle.

Does Yogi burn down the campground?  Can Ranger Smith save Jellystone?  Will it come down to the silly looking frog-mouthed turtle?


Congratulations to Shawn Dees on getting last week’s trivia question.  The author of Gulliver’s Travel is Jonathan Swift.


YOGI BEAR movie trivia:  What does Yogi Bear claim that he is smarter than?

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