December 7, 2010


Learning how to keep your New Year's resolutions in '11

— This year is rushing to an amazing finish and soon the 2011 new year will be on our doorsteps.

With the coming year and the anticipated lighted ball drop in New York City comes new hopes, renewed inspiration and an increasing desire to make a change whether it be in our eating and fitness habits, jobs, education, relationships and the list goes on.

Have you ever set a New Year’s resolution? Well if you are like most of us the answer would be, “Yes.”

Have you ever stuck to it to the end and actually completed in full? Are you beginning to get that feeling like you want to sink down and hide in your seat – you know, that feeling that you used to get when you were in school and the teacher called on you and you knew you didn’t know the answer to the question?

Don’t worry, it’s OK. Most people don’t stick to their New Year's resolutions.

Now you are at the crossroads, and you have a choice right no: Do you want to stay the same and be like most people or do you want to finally break free and change certain aspects about your life for good?

You can and it can start today.

The process begins with you deciding, in advance, what you would like to change this coming year.

Get out a piece of paper and actually write down your ideas and desires. Write down everything from the easily achievable to the seemingly ridiculous.

Once you have your list, start solidifying and narrowing them down to the ones that you deeply, down in your gut, would like to achieve in 2011. You got your goal or wish list, now what?

Next, get your hands on a one-year at-a-glance calendar.

You know, a calendar that has January thru December listed on the same page.

Start circling in the dates you would like to have your goals completed by and don‘t forget to write next to the date what the goal is.

Some won’t take very long to complete, but there will be others that might take close to the whole year to accomplish. Take each goal and separately break it down into actions steps that it will be taken to make it become more than just a wish, but a desired change.

An example would be if you would like to start eating better:

1. Clean out the cupboards and frig and throw away all the unhealthy foods.

2. Stock up on all the good foods

3. Have daily menus printed that are healthy, low in calorie, tasty and nutritious

4. Get a daily journal and tell everyone that you know what you are doing, this will hold you accountable and recording your feelings and experiences makes the process more fun and fulfilling.

5. Come up with some type of non-food related reward for staying with your new lifestyle of healthy eating.

Breakdown all your goals like this and take massive action beginning today.

If you do, 2011 will become an amazing transformational year for you.

To Your Success!

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