December 9, 2010

Oh what a web the movie Tangled does finally weave

— This movie didn't leave me tangled in gets 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, a yellow smiley face.  Yes, you guessed it, I LOVED IT!!

The basic story of Rapunzel was revitalized with the classic Disney touch we have all been missing lately; great musical moments, lessons to live by, the good vs not-so-good and of course characters that are so much fun!

Speaking of characters, my absolute favorite, is Maximus the horse.  He is one the kingdom's horses that has apparently been trained so well that he can  track the bad guys like a hunting hound on fox trail.   I mean it. He is a nose to the ground, never giving up, find the thief kind of horse!

Okay, still hesitating to go see it? Wondering if the kids will sit through it?  Wondering if YOU will WANT to sit through it?

Then maybe this will help:

It was a Monday night, after getting their flu immunizations, both of my boys, Garrick (7 yrs old) and Drake (4 yrs old), didn't want to miss a moment of the movie, not even to go get popcorn.  As a matter of fact, Drake wanted to go  straight to Wal-Mart and buy it then cried when he found out they didn't have it yet.

I laughed throughout the whole movie and put off the bathroom break until the end.

If you liked Shrek, then this Disney hit is definitely worth catching on the big screen (then buying...).  So, go to the concession stand and make the pit stop first, the get cozy and enjoy.

Each week we have a movie trivia question and all correct answers are put into a drawing for 2 movie passes. Last week's trivia winner was Brandon Bowman.  Come down to the office and get your movie tickets to Heritage Park Theatre here in Chickasha.

Last week's answers will be posted on Facebook along with many more updates and features.

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