December 21, 2010


— During this Holiday season, I am daily reminded of one of my most favorite sayings, the definition of a mature mind, “to give without remembering and to receive without forgetting.”  

All too often we get caught up in the materialistic aspect of this time of year. The number of gifts given, the amount spent, too little or too much? What am I receiving? Man that person just doesn’t care or gosh they’re cheap. Maybe you are even feeling bad because you simply can’t afford to do much this year. These are crazy mindsets for a loving Holiday, right?

Now getting back to my mature mind saying, growing up I had a lot of great role-models, but one that stands out above the rest when it comes to giving was my grandma Martha.

When I was young, my grandma Martha lived behind and across the alleyway from my parents. My sister and I used to go over to see her almost every day.  

Grandma Martha, or Worsen (I know, long story) as we called her, was one of those old grandma’s in her eighties back then. She didn’t have very much money and really led a humble life, but she was one that would give you the shirt off of her back so to speak.  

She would always make time for us – feed us peanut butter and syrup sandwiches, a piece of fruit, a cookie or just bread and butter if that’s all she had and would always dig down into her coin purse for a dime, quarter or dollar. We never left empty handed.  

We would sit on her front porch swing and just talk, help her in her garden, water her flowers, mow her yard with one of those old-school push lawn mowers, take her dog for walks, sit on her living room floor and bowl with plastic fruit and a golf ball. Man those were great times.  

She would tell us about her life, the horse and buggy days, how she was born in Indian Territory before Oklahoma became a state and talk about walking the wood sidewalks in downtown Chickasha and so many more great stories of a hard but amazing life.

My “Worsen” has been gone for many years now, but I can still vividly remember all the great times, the many life-lessons, the deep love she had for everyone she came in contact with, the unselfish giving, and list goes on.  

My grandmother was a gift far above any material present I could ever receive. I am one of many that loved and cherished her and will never forget what she gave to my life.

You are a gift from God meant to be shared by many. All too often we forget the true meaning of why we are here. During this time of the year focus not on money but on the love for one another, try to be more understanding, compassionate and non-judgmental.  But most of all, give without remembering, and receive without every forgetting.  

Happy Holidays, To Your Success!


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