February 11, 2011

Musher Mania & Snowshoe Softball



Other good times included going on the school field trips with my boys to Beaver Mountain in Utah for the annual ski trip. Beaver Mountain is in a beautiful area and those trips were definitely good times – all out in nature's winter wonderland.

Most everyone had a snowmobile or two or three or four and spending the day snowmobiling or even heading for the back country was a big pastime. I didn't get to experience a snowmobile trip, but that's on my list to do sometime. I did get to drive a 4-wheeler around through some awesome country up in the mountains at Meeks Cabin Dam. Good times.

Again, it wasn't all fun and games, though. I remember the morning I stepped outside to go to work and the air temperature was a minus 27 degrees – actual air temperature, not wind chill.

It was so cold it took my breath away. It was so cold it hurt. It was so cold it seemed like you could actually see the ice crystals in the air. 

The car groaned and clunked to a start. I had heavy coat, hat, gloves, scarves – the whole nine yards – on, but reached in to grab a lightweight windbreaker to take in the house. 

I knew no one would be needing that anytime soon – say maybe in three or four or six months.

It was so cold that the windbreaker felt like it was literally going to crack into little pieces. Not so good times.

On second thought, a little nostalgic winter trip down memory lane has been nice, but I think I'm ready for those warmer days.

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