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September 21, 2012

When It Rains It Pours

CHICKASHA — Perhaps we can relate to Samuel. We have heard the call from the Lord to trust Him and to follow Him. And like Samuel we have responded with “Speak, for Your servant hears.” In other words we have committed ourselves to “I will”. We say to the Lord, “because You have called me, I will..follow you...lean on you...passionately and blindly give everything to you.  I know we mean well when we covenant with the Lord this way. However, it has been my personal experience that this is often a “fair-weathered” covenant. What I mean is that when it rains it pours and our response, our reaction will expose how deep we really are committed to God. Let me share with you my own experience over just this past week.

I feel for Job. And while we each deal with our own critically bad situations in life I have yet to see any of us suffer the way Job suffered. The extent of his suffering is found in Job 1:14-19. Job, who enjoyed great success in life and was truly blessed, was visited by a messenger who relayed the troubling news that all his oxen and his donkey had been stolen by an enemy. Furthermore, the servants tending these animals had been killed. That news was bad enough, but before Job even had a chance to respond he was visited by a second messenger who relayed that all his sheep and those tending them had been consumed by fire. Blow number two. Finally, while still processing a third messenger arrives with news that his sons and daughters had all been together when their house collapsed killing all of them. Now to add insult to injury Job’s friends visited with the worst counseling advice one could imagine and his “beloved” wife gives him the advice to just “curse God and die” (It’s always good to know your loved ones care for you in times of trouble!)  I’m sure in the midst of all this Job simply sighed, “enough, Lord, just let me catch my breath. Let me catch up to you with just the first bit of bad news.” Have you been there? This week I have experienced one family member going through a tough and trying time regarding his very physical safety. I have prayed with two other close family members as husband sits by his wife’s bed with terminal cancer. Just last night I had to pick up my wife from the ER where she was ministering to her family in the wake of horrible motorcycle that will have lasting and devastating effects. “Enough, Lord, just let us catch our breath.”

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