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November 9, 2012

PASTOR GARY: Blind Trust

— “Blind trust” means regardless of the circumstances trust continues.  This trust has lost its vision and is not influenced by what is seen. The visual evidence that would attempt to destroy trust is given no position of control here.  This may sound like being simple minded or naïve.  Some would say this is refusing to accept reality.

 2 Corinthians 5:7 says, “We live by faith, not by sight.” NIV Sometimes sight gets in the way of faith.  Faith attempts to tell you that God is in control, but pain in your body tries to convince you sickness or injury has taken over.  Faith influences you to believe God is with you but at times emotions persuade the mind to be convince you’re all alone.  Faith tells you that conditions are about to get better, but evidence sometimes points towards bad and about to get worse.

 Being blind with trust is not being ignorant.  Being blind with trust is being convinced that there is a good God who cares for you.  Rather than focusing on the circumstances, this is allowing your heart by faith to see God’s power about to change your circumstances.  Are you convinced that you can trust God regardless of the circumstances?  Or does difficult circumstances and negative situations convince you God is not worthy of your trust?

 “In God we trust” was adopted as the official motto of the United States in 1956.  This motto has appeared on U.S. coins since 1864 and on paper currency since 1957.  The tension of the Cold War was an influence towards the adoption of this motto.  The adoption was partly influenced by a desire to differentiate between communism and Western capitalistic democracies.  Communism promotes atheism and the Western democracies were nominally Christian.  The law establishing this motto was signed into effect on July 30, 1956 by President Eisenhower.  In 2006, on the 50th anniversary of its adoption, the Senate reaffirmed the phrase “In God we trust” as the nation’s official motto.

 Regardless of circumstances or evidence that would attempt to convince contrary, the United States of America was founded as a Christian nation with an unwavering trust in God.  At no time have we been a nation of only Christians.  But we were established as a nation seeking the God of the Christian Bible.  God, Jehovah, is our hope for a better tomorrow.  Yes, at times our trust must be blind.  Evidence may at times points to an America void of God.  But God remains faithful!  In God we trust!


I prayed for you,


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