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March 28, 2012

Just for Today

That's right, nothing is as important as spending time with Jesus today ... and everyday.

Waiting on the Lord and spending quiet time in His Presence is when He does His best work in you. These are the times when He transforms you and renews your mind.

You must come to understand how important it is for you to have the mind of Christ.  If you skimp on the time you spend with Jesus, you will think wrong thoughts, you will hang out with the wrong people, and you will engage in wrong activities. Worst of all, you might even miss out on the richness of life that God has planned for you.

When the pages in your Bible become ragged and also the knees of your jeans, you will not only see a change in your world, but in the world of others as well. (Romans 12:2)

~Pastor Lynn Walker

Cowboy Country Church – Chickasha

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