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June 5, 2012

Grady County Church Listings


CEMENT ASSEMBLY OF GOD - Cement, 405-489-3325.  Rev. Don Russell:  S.S. 9:45am; W.S. 11am & 6pm; Wed. 7pm

CENTRAL  ASSEMBLY OF GOD- 901 W. Grand, 224-7070. J.W. Wyckoff, pastor; S.S. 9:45am; W.S. 11am & 6pm; Wed. 7pm; Missionettes & Royal Rangers meet Wed. 5:30pm

FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD -3340 S. 16th St., 224-1599. Rev. Paul & Jan Knight; Youth: Tim Black S.S. 9 am; W.S. 10 am & 5pm; Wed. B.S 7 pm,

GRAND ASSEMBLY OF GOD -102 E. Almar Dr.; 224-0968; Pastor; Gary Rogers, Worship Pastor; Danny Friend, Student Pastor; Jeff Dunn, Childrens Pastor; Jennifer Manuel, Nursery available, Bus Available, Sun. School. 9:30, Sun. Small Groups - 9:30 am, Worship service  - 10:30am, Sun. Eve. - 6:00pm, Wed Eve. - 7:00pm (Family Night)

MINCO ASSEMBLY OF GOD - 309 Caddo, 352-4905. Rev. Wes Warren; S.S. 9:45am; W.S. 11am & 7pm; Wed. 7:30pm


ALEX SOUTHERN BAPTIST- 304 N. Main, 785-2281. S.S. 9:30am; W.S. 10:30am & 7pm

BIBLE BAPTIST- 226 S. 29th, 224-1569. Kim Hayes, Min.; Sunday School, 9:30am; Worship Service, 10:45; Evening Service, 6pm; Wed AWANA, 6pm; Wed “The 102”, 6pm; Wed Crossroads, 6:30pm; Wed Bible Study, 6:30pm Call 224-1569.

BRADLEY BAPTIST -  Pastor Cletis Lee; S.S. 9:45am; W.S. 11am & 6pm

CALVARY BAPTIST -1102 S. 13th, 224-2686. Pastor Chuck Patterson; S.S. 9:45am; W.S. 10:45am & 6pm; Wed. 7pm

COLLEGE HEIGHTS BAPTIST- 12th & Grand, 224-0409. Dr. Bryan Haynes Past ,Sean Gushing Min Music; S.S. 9:00 am; Blended Worship 10:15am; Sunday Evening 5:00pm; Wed. Bible Study 6:15pm

Crossroad to life, Blanchard - 405-485-2604, Morgan Rd.,  SS. 9:45am, Worship11am, Sun. Eve. 6:30pm, Wed. 7pm.

FAITH BAPTIST- 3701 W. Frisco, 224-7989. W. Gene Hankins, Min.; S.S. 10am; W.S. 11am & 6:pm; Wed. 6pm

FIRST BAPTIST, Amber-  224-0220;Sunday AM Fellowship, 9:15am; S.S. 9:30am; W.S. 10:30am & 6:10pm; Wed. Children 6pm; Adult 6:30pm

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, Alex -  785-2236. Bobby L. Ayres, pastor. S.S. 9:45am; W.S. 10:45am and 6pm; Wed. Service: Adults, 6pm; Youth, 7pm

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