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March 17, 2012


How much does it cost??

— I pulled up to the gas pump to see “how much does it cost?” and I sure didn't like the answer. Was it worth it? Well, I guess it was because I bought $50 worth and got a half a tank. My old dodge pickup won't run without it and I didn't want to walk. Then my wife sent me to pick up some cucumbers for her so she could make some of her famous “Hot Pickles”. So I go to the grocery store and find these little pickling cucumbers. Of course I pick up one of the nicely shrink wrapped packages with six little cucumbers in it and look to see “how much does it cost”?? Are you kidding me?? $3.58 FOR SIX LITTLE CUCUMBERS!!! I can buy a whole jar of pickles for three bucks!! Were they worth it?? Probably not, but my wife told me to get them and her “hot pickles” are awfully good. So I buy about $17 worth of cucumbers to make a few jars of delicious homemade pickles. I knew they were not worth it, but then again, you ain't tasted how good Casey's “hot pickles” are either.

Well, I had enough gasoline to make it home and now I'm eating one of Casey's “hot pickles” with a Turkey sandwich. I got to thinking about John 3:16 and I wrote the following post on facebook: “JUST FOR TODAY: "God so Loved the World that he GAVE..." (John 3:16). If you want to know what surrender means, read John 3:16 and understand it's about Giving; not just a little, but everything. John 3:16 is about God's total surrender to us. Don't even talk about surrender if you don't understand John 3:16. When you do, then surrender yourself to God in the same way He gave himself for YOU.....totally, unconditionally , and without reservation”.

How much did it cost God? EVERYTHING!! Were we worth it?? Probably not, BUT aren't you thankful that God thought so?? So what's the flip side to this. What does God expect from you in this Love Relationship; how much does it cost. I think you know the answer. EVERYTHING!!! Is it worth it? I think that you know the answer to that too. God gave His ALL for us and that is what He expects from us as well. Nothing but the complete surrender of ALL not part of yourself is what it takes to satisfy the Love Relationship with God. Very costly, but nothing compared to what what is saved. I see it even more than just saving something that I already have (my own life), but also it is nothing compared to what you'll GAIN!! When you give yourself completely to God and join Him in his work of redeeming mankind, you not only save your own soul but look at all the other lives around you that will be touched and SAVED because of your Love Relationship with God. Have you ever thought about how many folks will be your neighbors in Heaven....for eternity..... because they saw Jesus in a completely sold out Love Relationship with YOU??? Yes, being a true servant of God will cost you everything and is it worth it? Well let's see; God gave us His all and in return we give Him our all. I can't help but think that we're getting way the best end of that deal. Thank you Jesus, ~Pastor Lynn

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