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August 11, 2012

Did I Miss the Sign?


Between Memphis, TN and Birmingham, AL there is a fairly new stretch of road, it’s aptly named the “Future I-20 Corridor”. Sounds promising right? That jog between Memphis and Birmingham was always our saving grace driving back to South Carolina from Oklahoma. Halfway between those two big cities lies a small town called Fulton, MS. It’s the exact halfway point between Chickasha, OK and Sumter, SC. It was a small picture of grace that God would give us to help fuel us for the rest of the journey. God’s grace does that in our lives you know. We go through this journey and from time to time God drops grace into our path to remind us that He is there and to keep us motivated to follow Him. A baby is born, a relationship is started, a prayer is answered, a sun rise is seen with the eyes, and the list goes on. They are in essence roadsigns on our journey to our destination - Jesus Christ.

So back to the future I-20 corridor. On one of the many trips back home to South Carolina I found myself driving alone. My beautiful wife was asleep in the passengers seat and both my children were slumbering in the back. My mind drifted to and fro, in fact I was probably mulling over all the signs of grace that God had shown in my life that week! The mental hit parade coupled with “driver’s exhaustion” that was overtaking me caused me to focus less on the road. Now the future I-20 corridor was not well marked, the pavement was still brand new. My body had developed a built in timing mechanism and it knew that something was not right. I had never traveled this long on this stretch of road. I knew in my head that at some point the construction would end the road and that is where I would turn off to Birmingham. I never saw the construction. Apparently enough time had lapsed from our last journey that they had completed the construction. Here I was some 30 to 40 minutes down the road frantically scanning the landscape for any sign pointing me in the right direction. I had gotten distracted and now wondered if I was so far off the path that I couldn’t redeem the journey! Then like a beacon of grace shining brighter than the Christmas star heralding our Savior’s birth - there it was - the familiar green sign with the bright white words - “Birmingham  10”. I was ten miles away from the familiar. God’s grace, even in a simple road trip is amazing. Now think with me for a moment on God’s bigger grace - the grace that calls people into a relationship, the grace that serves as the road map to the revelation and second coming of Jesus Christ!

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