October 7, 2013

Woman arrested after brandishing brick

The Express-Star


Chickasha police drew their service revolvers on a Chickasha woman last night, who had a brick in her hand in the throwing position, causing the officers on scene great concern, according to a police reports.

Chickasha Police Officer David Michael Harper-Head was dispatched at about 5:45 p.m., to the 700 block of West Utah Avenue on a complaint that Karyleen Tostigh, a.k.a. Karyleen Horsechief was on the scene causing a disturbance.

Harper-Head said in the report that when he arrived on scene he observed Tostigh on the ground in the front yard of the residence. 

He said in the report she then used both hands to push herself off the ground, picked up a brick and brought the brick behind her head in a throwing position. 

Harper-Head then drew his firearm. He said in the report that the manner she had the brick in her hand caused him great concern.

Chickasha Police Sergeant Jeremy Alexander then arrived on scene and both he and Harper-Head began giving commands to Tostigh to drop the brick. Harper-Head wrote in the report that on his fourth command, she finally dropped the brick and was compliant with officers at that point.

The report states that Tostigh had a strong odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage on her breath and person. Harper-Head noted in the report her eyes were red and watery and she was visibly unsteady on her feet.

Tostigh told officers she didn’t even know whose house she was at or why she grabbed the brick.

She was transported to Grady County Jail and booked in and charged with Public Intoxication.