February 15, 2013

Poker Run to be held for infant fighting heart problems

CHICKASHA — Four-month-old Jace Glass’ heart needs help.

Born with multiple heart conditions, Jace will need several surgeries in the near future and more when he reaches one year of age. The results of the surgeries could vary from no complications to wearing a pace maker, said his mother, Katie Crosley.

Jace’s surgeries will be performed in Boston and he will need to spend about a month in the hospital afterwards. The cost of transportation, a month of living expenses for Crosley and Jace’s father Charlie glass daily meals and the surgeries themselves mean a staggering cost for the young family.

All of this comes just after they lost their home.

In November, Crosley and Charlie Glass’ home burned to the ground when Jace was just seven weeks old. They have been living in a duplex owned by Crosley’s cousin for the time being.

Jace is asymptomatic. He sweats a lot because his heart is a lot smaller than most babies’, Crosley said.

A poker run for Jace will take place on March 2.  

The poker run will start at Bronco Corner at 9 a.m., where riders will get directions to the next stopping point. First bike out at noon. The run will end at Miller Ranch off of Highway 19, on Sooner Road. There will be a fish fry, barbecue, bake sale, an auction and live music.

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