April 29, 2013

Peacocks bring feathered flourish to weddings

Jessica Lane, Staff Writer,
The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — Kris Arbuckle, a local artist who makes one-of-a-kind creations from odds and ends, has ventured into wedding decor.

Arbuckle has made pairs of bride and groom peacocks for Ross Seed and Company's gift department.

The bridal peacocks are a new creative endeavor for Arbuckle. Not all of the pieces are refurbished items. The bride and groom peacock are each covered in 1,100 feathers. Arbuckle glued each of the 1,100 feathers one by one, by hand. The eyes are solid onyx.

The idea of adding beauty to someone's wedding, Arbuckle said, was therapeutic. She said that as a single mother, she didn't have the best associations with weddings. By making the peacocks, Arbuckle said she hopes to bring some beauty to a couple's future life together.

Arbuckle gives credit to Mary Lout Stout, of Ross Seed and Co. as a source of artistic inspiration.

Stout suggested that Arbuckle try making a peacock.

"She really brings out the creativeness in me," Arbuckle said.

Arbuckle said that Ross Seed is currently taking orders for the peacocks in small medium and large. The picture shows the large size.

The birds can be used in wedding decor either next to the guest book, next to the cake, or on the guest table to name a few possibilities.

In the future, Arbuckle said she would like to open a shelter for abused and battered women.