August 16, 2013

Chickasha Paranormal Research Society visits familiar haunt

The Express-Star


On a normal Friday, Yesteryears 50s Diner is usually known for dishing out food to the citizens of Chickasha. 

However, at the stroke of 8 p.m. on Aug. 9, Yesteryear’s became the site of a paranormal investigation. 

The Chickasha Paranormal Research Society quickly got back into hunting after returning from a trip to Arkansas, where they searched the U.S.S Razorback for any sign of ghostly activity.

“There’s always so much activity here,” CPRS Founder Max Wagner said.

This time was no different, the team immediately started receiving responses from whatever has been haunting the diner.

The spirit would respond to questions by turning the flashlight on and off. As well as dimming the laser light when the team was in the men’s card room, the area where owner Fran Morris claims there is the most activity.

Owner’s Fran and Jerry Morris said they've always experienced paranormal activity since they purchased the diner and Cottonwood Creek golf club in 2006.

“The most activity is in the men’s card room,” she said. “We’ve also had many people (instances) come through and scare the people that would come late and clean.”

The group has been to Yesteryear’s several times to make contact with the ghost, or ghosts, who have been scaring the cleaning ladies. 

If anybody feels they may have ghosts in their homes or business, Chickasha Paranormal Research Society encourages them to contact the group so they may investigate and give the person peace of mind.