December 20, 2013

Letter addressed to Santa ends up in Chickasha

Jessica Lane, Staff Writer,
The Express-Star


When a little girl from North Carolina sent her wish list to Santa, she probably had no idea it would end up at the Chickasha Public Schools Administration building. 

In her letter, Amari, age 5, asked for three dolls, Legos and a kitchen with food. Instead of a stamp, she used a snowman sticker and addressed to 25 Santa Claus Lane, North Pole. 

When Susan Parr, Chickasha Public Schools Administrative Assistant discovered the letter among the office mail, she showed it to Superintendent Jim Glaze. 

After reading the earnest scrawl that filled an entire page of green paper, the superintendent had one order: find Amari and make her Christmas wish come true. 

Parr said she spent a good part of a day on the internet and making calls trying to track Amari. She tried the school district in North Carolina, but they could not reveal any information. 

Undeterred, Parr started looking through public records until she found a woman from the address on Amari's letter. 

Parr finally made contact with the woman believed to be Amari's grandmother on Facebook. Parr said that at first the woman was understandably confused. 

She said Amari was already getting some dolls and that Amari's letter was not intended to elicit this kind of response, it was just something fun for the little girl to do. Parr assured the woman that the school genuinely wanted to grant Amari's wish. 

A pink play kitchen, play food and all the accessories were sent to Amari's house "To Amari from Santa Claus." The grandmother sent Parr a Facebook message. 

"Amari will be filled with joy on Christmas morning and my heart will be smiling for quite some time."

The exchange was meaningful for the school as well, Parr said, to receive the gift of giving to someone not expecting it. 

"It was a lot of fun," Parr said. "I think we got more out of it than they did."