August 9, 2013

CPRS explores news depths in haunted submarine

The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — Chickasha has its own group of Ghostbusters. They call themselves the Chickasha Paranormal Research Society.

Co-founder, James “Max” Wagner, started the group on July 21, 2011.

“At first we wanted to wait to start a group. I was just sitting at home on July 21 and thinking. ‘Why not do it?’ So, I went over to (Josh Hale’s) house, we talked about it and decided to start it, and we’ve been going since,” Wagner said.

Lisa Hatchett, public relations officer for the Grady County Sheriffs Office, and Wagner’s mother, took advantage of a chance to investigate with her son.

“When Max told me that I should go with him, I asked him if he was sure he wanted his mom to go with him, because what would his friends think, she said. He said, he didn’t really care what they thought, and so I went. And, I was hooked immediately.”

The Chickasha Paranormal Research Society recently investigated the U.S.S Razorback, a Balao-class submarine that served in World War II and the Vietnam War. It is located at the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

The group has yet to go over the evidence about what kind of activity was found in the submarine, but several members said they had personal encounters with whatever was on the submarine.

“We found evidence of paranormal activity in the submarine,” Hatchett said. “We saw people walk past us and heard footsteps. The electromagnetic field detector picked up a lot of activity.”

Hatchett said people from all around contact the group and ask them if they can join or if they can investigate their homes.

“We’ve let some people come with us. We’ve investigated a lot of residents in Chickasha and all over Oklahoma,” Hatchett said.

Wagner said he hopes to find out more about the paranormal by creating this group and wants to help more people understand there are things out there beyond understanding.

“We want to come up with our own answers and see if we can help prove that there are paranormal things out there,” Wagner said.

Wagner also hopes his team will help those who call and ask for the group to come and investigate their residence or business.

“If there is actually a haunting, we want to help the people that live there to understand the paranormal. We also want to get our answers as well by helping them,” Wagner said.

The team plans to do another investigation on Aug. 9 and at the Grady County Fairgrounds at the end of August. Those interested can learn about the group by logging on to