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June 7, 2013

UPDATE: Grady County deputies catch suspect in stolen vehicle case


Officers of the Grady County Sheriff Department are currently pursuing a suspect that is believed to have stolen a Dodge pickup from a man's residence in Blanchard.

A high-speed chase has led them to a foot chase in a field off of Highway 81.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol is involved in the chase as well. The victim of the stolen property, owner of T&T Auto Sales in Newcastle Mike Terrel, said he awoke this morning to three of his vehicles missing.

He was directed to the Grady County Sheriff's Department to fill out a report and received news that the deputies were in pursuit of one stolen vehicles already. 

More details to come.


Deputy Corey Loftice located the now apprehended suspect Jesse Fitch hiding under a tree in a field two miles south of Minco.

Undersheriff Rusty Pyle said the Grady County Sheriff’s office received word from Blanchard police that there was a stolen vehicle going through Chickasha. Locations were able to be given by the Blanchard police because of a GPS within the vehicle.

“Deputy Loftice, myself and the sheriff went out to locate the truck,” Pyle said. “We, along with some troopers, located the truck going northbound on Highway 81.”

The vehicle, Pyle said, ran off the road into a field after the officers attempted to pull him over. Seven officers in total were involved at this point.

“The suspect had his girlfriend in the truck with him,” Pyle said. “He went through some fences and then crashed the truck. He bailed out and ran but was caught after a short foot chase and search.”

Pyle said Fitch’s girlfriend was injured in the crash and taken to the hospital to be treated but is also facing charges.

Fitch is currently being questioned about another two vehicles that were believed to be stolen at the same time as the Dodge truck.

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