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November 1, 2012

Interurban restaurant is as local as it gets



Although the pair is incredibly grateful for the amount they received, in the bigger picture, $50,000 was less than 3 percent of the total project costs, according to Grayson.

"We had to apply for small business loans through the government, and we got approved through that," Woods said. "The First National Bank is funding us as well."

According to Woods, the process of being approved for a small business loan is extensive.

"We had to go before a committee of 20 guys, then they had to send it to California to make sure it was approved," Woods explained. "We also have two investors that are with us and they are giving 15 percent of our project. So they believe in us enough where they gave us money for the project."

Both investors are also from Grady County, according to Grayson.

"One's from Ninnekah and one's from Blanchard," Grayson said. "We used a local bank to keep the dollars local. We planned this from the beginning to stay as local as we can. Coming from small towns, we know how important it is to not only make money in the local venue but to keep it there."

According to Josh Woods, the Interurban coming to Chickasha will feature exciting new features.

"We're bring a brick oven to Chickasha, for brick oven pizza," Woods said. "You just can't beat it. We've also got 10 taps of beer coming, two frozen machines, it's going to be the top of the line."

Grayson explained the restaurant will try to use local beer vendors as well.

"I lived in Chickasha, and I know every bit of Chickasha," Woods said. "My son goes to USAO and my wife graduated here. My cousins graduated here, and my aunt works here. I know Chickasha needs another restaurant and that's why I've put all my eggs in one basket. It's either going to work out to our advantage or it's not."

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