January 30, 2013

BLOG: Cole meeting proves he represents constituents well

CHICKASHA — Representative Tom Cole paid us a visit today.

That may seem like a pretty boring lede, but as anyone that has followed my columns, blogs and editorials with some sort of frequency will tell you, Cole and I tend to differ opinion wise on virtually every political issue there is.

Despite this, the congressman has always been a wonderful source and given me a multitude of comments to augment and round out many of my news stories.

So this blog has little political inclination and is geared more at informing our readers about what was said during our 45-minute long meeting.

Obviously pleasantries were exchanged and there was some Super Bowl talk - it is, after all, this Sunday - but more importantly, the congressman, my publisher and the congressman's lovely assistant delved deeply into energy excavation, agricultural issues and the most over blown topic in the media today, gun control.

From an energy perspective, Cole said he was working diligently with other representatives to place limitations on the Environmental Protection Agency and its efforts to end horizontal drilling and fracking.

Now I do tend be to lean left, but in regards to energy excavation, I am all about drilling horizontally, vertically, slanted, upside down and any other possible way to reduce the country's dependency on foreign oil.

Obviously Cole faces some difficulties in this regard given that the executive branch of the federal government isn't as pro drill as I or Cole, but I don't doubt his resolve in doing everything he can to bring energy companies and their respective sucker industries to Grady County, regardless of any battle he may face from the EPA.

From and agricultural perspective, Cole faces something of a conundrum. This portion of his district has become water poor, while areas south and east are water rich. Managing the needs of both is a more than difficult task given that the southeastern portion of his district seems poised for a law suit involving multiple entities over water rights near the red river. Only time will tell regarding the future of this particular and shockingly diverse problem.

Then there's gun control. I have no intentions of going into any sort of long diatribe or rant about gun control and what I think we as a county should do. I've done that enough in previous blogs. Let's just say for you gun lovers out there, Cole has got your back.

All-in-all it was a good meeting. As a man, Cole seems resolute in his convictions, which is beyond admirable. Especially in today's political climate.

As a politician, Cole is a more than accurate representation of the majority of voters in Grady County.

Even though he and I may disagree on many issues, I have to say his effectiveness in conveying the interests of local voters at a federal level truly seems to be his primary concern and I have to commend him for that.

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