January 17, 2013

Blog: 'Rock Island Ride' needs to shut down the city for a day

The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — Most of you have probably heard that Chickasha will be hosting an event later this year called, "Rock Island Ride."

I'm so excited to hear that such a neat event is coming to town! The lengthy bike marathon will intertwine throughout town and will hopefully attract hundreds of participants.

My only concern is - I think the city needs to embrace this event on a larger scale. The committee talked about marking off a few streets and hopefully getting one or two officers to help with the traffic flow but I think the town should shut down for a few hours to make this event as big as it potentially can be.

I ran the Color Run in Tulsa over the summer and it shut down a good portion by the river. A very busy street, people simply stopped to watch or went different routes. It promoted a happy city-wide appreciation that something so cool came to our city. Also in Tulsa, there is a breast cancer awareness run that shuts down downtown. Chickasha is much smaller than Tulsa and could easily make other arrangements for a few hours until bicyclists are done with this event.

If the streets were completely shut down on the whole route then it would draw more people to participate and/or cheer on their friends, family, neighbors, etc. The "Rock Island Ride" will surely grow over the next few years and people will hopefully come to Chickasha and visit to be apart of this fun event.