July 29, 2013

BLOG: Dorman's decision crushes dream

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — It's Monday and I must lament.

This weekend's paper featured an article detailing State Representative Joe Dorman's plan to run for county commissioner upon the completion of his current term.

He's terming out, so obviously he couldn't maintain his position at the state house, but the news ruins a fantasy I've had since December of 2012.

I wanted to see Dorman run against Tom Cole to represent the fourth district of Oklahoma at the federal level.

It's not that I think Cole has done a bad job, but what a race that would have been. The two have held their respective offices for the same amount of time, and their districts largely overlap.

The race would have showcased two wonderful voting constituencies vying for their candidates supremacy.

This would have been a gem to cover, regardless of my political affiliation. Two well respected, proven and intelligent men battling it out for the right to speak for southwestern Oklahoma is journalistic gold.

But alas, this wasn't meant to be. My dreams of an epic congressional race for Oklahoma's fourth district died on Saturday.

Oh well, at least I still have the sales tax story to cover.