January 22, 2013

Blog: Parks and Recreation best episodes guide

The Express-Star


Parks and Recreation is my favorite show on television. Yes, I went there. With an All-Star cast such as leading ladies Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza and supporting actors such as Aziz Ansari… you really can't go wrong. So, for you TV junkies that have never seen Parks and Recreation (it's still underrated, so I won't blame you) I've compiled my favorite episodes. (In no order)

-"Pawnee Rangers" Those beloved three words that will forever be in our hearts: Treat Yo Self. This particular episode is really silly but the writing is just hilarious. Tom and Donna decide once a year to treat themselves to all the indulgences they typically deny themselves of, such as cupcakes, fine leather goods or in Ben's case, a batman suit.

-"End of the World"  I loved this episode for several reasons. It's overall plot line was amazing, but even better was the pairs that had interesting plot lines as well. A local Pawnee group predicts that the world is going to end and it brings out very genuine character responses through out the episode, especially with Andy and April. They decide to mark everything off Andy's bucket list and the biggest one is seeing the Grand Canyon.

 -"Flu Season" One of the funniest Leslie Knopp episodes in my opinion. She is sick with the flu but in denial. Bad denial. Then she successfully steals everyone's flu medicine in the hospital so she'll have enough strength to keep doing her job.She even refers to the chamber of commerce as the Chamber of Secrets.  Another funny quote from Andy, [Leslie is sick] "Leslie, I typed your symptoms into the thing up here and it says you could have network connectivity problems."

-"Andy and April's Fancy Party" I enjoy this episode because it's silly but you still get to see the character's softer sides. Yes it's crazy that Andy and April get married so sporadically, but you can tell they love each other and the audience is definitely rooting for them. Especially now in more current episodes.

-"Time Capsule"  A crazy father decides to handcuff himself to a pipe in Leslie's office and demand the Twilight series be placed in the Pawnee Time Capsule. At first everyone's hating on the Twilight series and then the father convinces them to read it and they are forever changed.