January 15, 2013

Blog: OKC marathon 2013

The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2013. 102 days remaining!

I did something on impulse this weekend. If you know me, this is very uncharacteristic of my personality. I was lounging around on Sunday afternoon, recharging my batteries for the week (yes, I'm a robot) when my boyfriend started telling me about the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon that takes place every April. The full marathon is 26.2 miles and the half marathon is 13.1. I remember

Being from Oklahoma and knowing the impact of the Oklahoma City bombing, I felt really excited the more my boyfriend spoke about the race. I used to play soccer, and I used to enjoy running when I had the time. Ah, that was the key. When I had time. Right now I am a full-time journalist as well as a full-time student in my last year at college. There is no such thing as free time, but I was really excited at the challenge of the getting into tip top shape and completing the half marathon (Scott signed up for the full marathon, but he is much more ambitious than me. He is an All-American soccer athlete too - so my hat's off to him).

I did a little research online for some training programs for beginners and I have to say I am a bit nervous! I signed up and I'm officially registered. As I imagined myself on the day of the race I envisioned a more confident, happy runner. Today was day one (insert trumpets noises) of my training with an easy mile and a half. I say easy so none of you experienced runners laugh at me. It was incredibly cold and news to me - Chickasha has the worst (nonexistent) side walks in town. But that's a whole other topic!

So! I'm am looking forward to the next three months of becoming an experienced runner and slowly making my way to the starting line in downtown Oklahoma on April 28th.